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Toll – ALB (0.3s)
ALB (0.6s)
JusTouch Reader
Lane Controller
RFID Reader
Unmanned Smart Card Transit Ticket Machine
Automatic License Plate Reconignation (ALPR)
Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVC)
Central Management Reporting System (CMRS)
Central Revenue Apportionment, Clearing and Settlement System(CENTRACS)
Continuity and Recovery System (ConRec)
Incident Capturing System (ICS)
Integrated Toll Management System (ITMS)
Integrated Toll Monitoring Console (iTMC)
JusTouch Smartcard System
Lane Software with ANPR and Weightbridge
Lane Software with ALPR
Mobile Payment
Guard Rail
PVC Guardrail
Highmast LED Lighting
RFID Antenna
Smart Card Transit Ticket Machine